3 Types of Inserts to Know About

Inserts are removable padding that can be used to increase bust size in tops, bras, bikinis, dresses, etc. Some other common names for inserts are chicken cutlets, bust cups, cookies, or bra paddings. There are mainly three types of inserts on the market: cotton, silicone, and double-sided inserts.

1. Cotton
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ Washable
✔️ Increase bust size
❌ Need to be sewn in - not interchangeable with different outfits
❌ Shift around in clothing
❌ Become heavy when wet or used in water

2. Silicone
✔️ Reusable
✔️ Increase bust size
❌ Heavy
Slippery when wet
❌ Risk of falling out as they’re not secured to skin or clothing

3. Double-sided inserts
✔️ Best of both worlds of cotton and silicone inserts
✔️ Lightweight
✔️ No sewing required
✔️ Secure on both skin and clothing
✔️ Interchangeable between outfits
✔️ Sweat & water-resistant
✔️ Reusable
✔️ Prevents nipple slips in low cut tops

Given the comparisons above, we recommend double-sided inserts over cotton and silicone inserts. Check out BOOMBA, the creator of double-sided inserts that are high quality and reusable for up for 40+ times. They have a sale on their Double Trouble Bundle for $39 off right now.