Double-sided Nipple Covers

World’s first double-sided nipple covers, one side designed to stick onto your garment and the other on you. Keeps clothing in place while remaining undetectable under your clothing. 

  • 10 pairs 
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • It is not recommended to wear this product for more than 12 hours
  • Do not apply to irritated, sunburned or sensitive skin
  • Our products are not intended for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or individuals who have sensitive or thin skin
  • When removing, slightly dampen the back of the nipple covers with warm water where it meets the skin and gently pull off
  • If irritation or redness occurs, discontinue use
  • One Time Use
  • Imported
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06 May 2021
China China

Got them in a bundle, I don’t normally use nipple covers but the other day I had a loose top that kept exposing my breasts when I bent over so I used these along with the fashion tape and it made me feel very secure.

02 Apr 2021
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Great customer service!

I ordered these and they came in the wrong color, I reached out and Jessica was such a doll! It didn't take an email chain for her to fix the problem and I received my new nipple covers within a week. Love them :)

30 Mar 2021
United States United States
Best things ever!!!!!


24 Mar 2021
United Kingdom United Kingdom
review of every item in the bundle

I got the full pack so I thought I would review the products individually to help out my fellow sisters. Other reviews are under the items. These nipple covers are really interesting because I have never seen double sided nipple covers before so I was really curious to try them. They are normal nipple covers but sticky on both sides. I assume they are for keeping your top in place so you don't flash people. I tried it with a flowy top and it did hold it in place, I do like them but I feel I would get more use out of the magic nipple covers. Those are life changing!!

09 Mar 2021
Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Works for big breasts too!

I have never seen double sided nipple covers before so when I saw these, I knew I had to get them. I wore it the other night with my low cut dress and it was so good! It kept everything in place and I felt secure. I used them again last night for a blazer look and they still worked well, but not as good as the dress. I think it had to do with the material because the blazer I was wearing was a bit more wooly, maybe making it harder to stick. These are a must have for low cut tops!

BOOMBA Double-sided Nipple Covers Review