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Bridesmaid Guide: Best Presents to Gift the Bride

Congratulations on being the bridesmaid! While it’s a great honor to be a part of this big milestone in your friend’s life, being a bridesmaid also comes with big responsibilities. Your primary role will be to help the bride with the wedding planning process. But you’re also expected to provide emotional support leading up to her special day.

One way to do this is by giving the bride a thoughtful gift to remind her of your friendship. But if you haven’t figured out what to get her yet, no worries! We’ve done the hard work and listed down some suggestions of gifts you can give to your bride-to-be bestie:

1. Jewelry

She might already have a ring, but you can still gift the bride jewelry that she can wear to the wedding day and beyond! If she hasn’t revealed her dress yet, get a simple, elegant pendant, earring, or bangle that can go great on almost everything.

If you already have an idea about her dress style or theme, get her matching jewelry for that! You can also opt for a customized piece of jewelry if you’re not on a budget. Some classic examples can feature the bride’s initials, her first name, or even the date of the wedding like the one below.

2.  Gift Card

Gift cards are sometimes frowned upon as gifts because people tend to think that the sender doesn’t put much thought into them. But whatever the celebration, gift cards are always appreciated. Just make sure that it’s something relevant to the occasion or something the bride will really need or enjoy, like a massage, or a manicure.

Another good thing about it is that you don’t have to get so worked up about wrapping it. You can just buy a themed envelope and you're done! You can even just buy and send a digital gift card online!

3.  Video Montage

Nothing is more personal than sharing life moments with the bride and catching it on camera. Gather up the clips and shots from your gallery and edit them into one video montage to surprise the bride at reception, or give it to her pre-wedding, like at the bachelorette party!

If you don’t have the skills for this, affordable video-editing services are offered everywhere nowadays. You can even get the video framed so she could put it on her dresser!

4.  Custom Gift Box

A custom gift box is highly suggested if you know the bride all too well and you want to get her stuff she really likes. You just pick items that the bride will enjoy and package them together neatly in a themed box. You can focus on a theme, for example, a pamper kit or a tea set.

You also won’t have to worry about buying the elements individually because sets like these can be bought online. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note to share your wedding wishes and you’re all set!

5.  BOOMBA Inserts and Sticky Bras

You can also get the bride BOOMBA goodies as a gift for her special day. BOOMBA sells a range of bra inserts and sticky bras that can help the bride feel even more confident and make her feel more secure as she walks down the aisle!

Their Ultra Boost Inserts, for example, are great for wedding gowns with deep plunge necklines. BOOMBA inserts are sticky on both sides and adhere to both the skin and dress so it stays put all day long and helping to prevent nip slips. These padded inserts also help to fill the cups out in the dress, creating a fuller shape instantly.

You can get your Ultra Boost Inserts as well as other great bra solutions here.

Whatever gift you decide to give the bride, remember that the best way to show your support is by being there throughout the wedding process and beyond. By lending a helping hand every step of the way, you can help make sure that the bride has a wonderful wedding day.

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