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Bra Alternative 101: Body Tapes, Sticky Bra Inserts, and Nipple Covers

Model putting on a sticky bra, inserts seamlessly under clothing

In the realm of fashion, the right undergarments can make or break an outfit. When it comes to ditching traditional bras, options like body tapes, sticky inserts, sticky bras, and nipple covers step into the spotlight. But which one is the perfect fit for you?

Bra alternaitve: body tape

• Adhesive strips designed to lift and support the breasts.
• Ideal for creating cleavage or achieving a lifted look without a traditional bra.

• Customizable lift and support.
• Versatile for various outfits with low necklines or backless designs.

• May not provide as much support for larger bust sizes.
• May not look great on sagging breasts.
• Application technique may require practice for optimal results.

Bra alternative: sticky bra inserts

• Soft, flexible pads designed to lift, add volume, and shape to the bust.
• Sticks to both clothing and skin, to eliminate the need for a bra.

• Customizable size and shape.
• Reversible and easily removable.
• Easy to use and provides natural looking results.

• Quality of adheisve and design can effect the results.
• May not be suitable for all clothing types, particularly loose or sheer fabrics.

Bra alternative: sticky bras

• Adhesive cups that stick to the breasts, providing support and coverage.
• Suitable for backless and strapless outfits.

• Seamless look under clothing.
• Reusable with proper care.

• Adhesive strength varies; some may not provide enough support for larger busts.
• May lose effectiveness over time with repeated use.

Bra alternative: nipple covers

• Disposable or reusable covers designed to conceal nipples.
• Available in various shapes and materials, including silicone and fabric.

• Ideal for sheer or lightweight fabrics.
• Invisible under clothing.

• Limited in terms of providing lift or support.
• May not be suitable for those seeking a more defined bust shape.

Which Bra Alternative is For You?

Consider the Outfit:
• Body tapes and sticky bras are excellent for backless and low-cut designs.
• Sticky Inserts offer more volume and shape, suitable for various outfits.
• Nipple covers are discreet and perfect for sheer fabrics.

Bust Size Matters:
• Larger busts may require more support, making sticky inserts or sticky bras more suitable.

Comfort and Reusability:
• Sticky bras and Sticky inserts are generally reusable with proper care.
• Many body tapes are one-time use. There are now reusable body tape options available.


The perfect bra alternative depends on your unique needs, outfit choices, and comfort preferences. Experimenting with different options can help you discover the best fit for various occasions. Whether it's the lift from body tapes, the volume from sticky bra inserts, the seamless look from sticky bras, or the discreet coverage from nipple covers, you will definitely find the perfect bra solution with BOOMBA.

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