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The Best Bra Solutions for Prom Dresses

Prom night is a magical occasion, and choosing the perfect dress is just the beginning of the preparations. Finding the right bra solution is crucial to achieving a flawless look. Whether your prom dress is backless, strapless, or features a plunging neckline, there's a perfect bra solution for every style.

1. Backless Dresses:

Backless Dresses.png__PID:e8913271-714f-41cb-877b-5d58bb1922fc
Backless Dresses (5).png__PID:11e89132-7171-4fb1-8b87-7b5d58bb1922
Backless Dresses (2).png__PID:52780611-e891-4271-b14f-b1cb877b5d58
Backless Dresses (4).png__PID:0611e891-3271-414f-b1cb-877b5d58bb19
Backless Dresses (3).png__PID:780611e8-9132-4171-8fb1-cb877b5d58bb

Bra Solution: Backless Strapless Bra

Features adhesive cups that stick to the breasts and provide lift and support without a back strap.

     ⦿ Ideal for dresses with open or low backs, allowing you to showcase the beauty of your gown without visible bra lines.

     ⦿ Ensure your skin is clean and dry before applying the backless strapless bra for optimal adhesion.

Sticky Bra.png__PID:5cf98484-76c4-4ec9-8652-6418c9fed5c1

2. Plunging Necklines:

Plunging Necklines (4).png__PID:ac0fc02f-73d4-41ba-99ac-a180583de777
Plunging Necklines (5).png__PID:0fc02f73-d4a1-4a99-aca1-80583de77787
Plunging Necklines (2).png__PID:1ef9ac0f-c02f-43d4-a1ba-99aca180583d
Untitled design.png__PID:3467853d-17ec-4460-9cde-e23c02251980
Plunging Necklines.png__PID:c02f73d4-a1ba-49ac-a180-583de777875e

Bra Solution: BOOMBA Sticky Inserts

     ⦿ These sticky inserts sticks onto the clothing and onto the skin and have no buckles or straps.
          They are perfect for U-shaped or deep-V necklines, providing support and lift while remaining invisible under low-cut dresses.

     ⦿ Some styles may feature convertible or adjustable straps to accommodate different neckline designs.

     ⦿ Choose from the different styles to suit your own individual needs. BOOMBA has different styles ranging from lightly padded to double-push up.

Sticky Inserts.png__PID:f9848476-c48e-4946-9264-18c9fed5c1dd

3. Loose Deep Plunge Dress:

Plunging Necklines (3).png__PID:f9ac0fc0-2f73-44a1-ba99-aca180583de7

Bra Solution: Bra Solution: Body tapes

     ⦿ Offers customizable support, allowing you to create the perfect bra solution for your own body.

     ⦿ Perfect for larger chests that are struggling to find a bra solution that fits.

     ⦿ Do not wear longer than 8 hours at a time and do a patch test first to ensure the tape does not irritate your skin.

Body Tape.png__PID:144cf35c-f984-4476-848e-c946526418c9

4. Sheer or Mesh Fabrics:

Sheer or Mesh Fabrics.png__PID:458cb727-cbb4-493d-ab83-4d14ca28951b
Sheer or Mesh Fabrics (3).png__PID:89cf458c-b727-4bb4-993d-eb834d14ca28
Sheer or Mesh Fabrics (2).png__PID:5489cf45-8cb7-47cb-b499-3deb834d14ca
Sheer or Mesh Fabrics (4).png__PID:cf458cb7-27cb-4499-bdeb-834d14ca2895

Bra Solution: Invisible Silicone Sticky Bra

     ⦿ Silicone adhesive bra that adheres directly to the breasts, providing coverage and shaping, while blending in seamlessly into the skin, staying undetectable.

     ⦿ Perfect for dresses with sheer or mesh panels.

     ⦿ Look for stick-on silicone bras with a seamless design for a smooth and natural appearance.


5. Halter Neck Dresses:

Halter Neck Dresses (3).png__PID:cad5d52d-ea9c-49fb-a98e-29c841731383
Halter Neck Dresses (2).png__PID:0bcad5d5-2dea-4c59-bb29-8e29c8417313
Halter Neck Dresses.png__PID:2dea9c59-fb29-4e29-8841-731383622ea0
Halter Neck Dresses (4).png__PID:d5d52dea-9c59-4b29-8e29-c84173138362
Halter Neck Dresses (5).png__PID:d52dea9c-59fb-498e-a9c8-41731383622e

Bra Solution: Double-sided Adhesive inserts

     ⦿ These sticky inserts stick to both clothing and to skin, designed to provide support, shape, cleavage and lift for halter neck dresses.

     ⦿ Available in sizes AA-I cup.

     ⦿ Is sweat proof and comfortable enough for all day wear.

     ⦿ Make sure to apply to dry skin for best results.

Ultra Boost.png__PID:848476c4-8ec9-4652-a418-c9fed5c1dd3a

6. Low Back Dresses:

Low Back Dresses.png__PID:ee20f419-a5af-490f-97b2-68727baed141
Low Back Dresses (5).png__PID:3eee20f4-19a5-4f29-8f57-b268727baed1
Low Back Dresses (4).png__PID:6b3eee20-f419-45af-a90f-57b268727bae
Low Back Dresses (3).png__PID:246b3eee-20f4-49a5-af29-0f57b268727b
Low Back Dresses (2).png__PID:0e246b3e-ee20-4419-a5af-290f57b26872

Bra Solution: Silicone Nipple Covers

     ⦿ These reusable Silicone Nipple covers blend in seamlessly with your skin, creating a smooth, flawless look.

     ⦿ Provides versatility for different dress styles.

     ⦿ Make sure to wash after every few uses to keep the adhesive sticky for longer.

Magic Nipple Cover.png__PID:f35cf984-8476-448e-8946-526418c9fed5


Which bra solution to pick comes down to the dress style, neckline, fabric, and back design. We recommend emailing us a photo of your dress to and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect bra solution to complement your gorgeous dress.

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