Magic Nipple Covers


We are excited to announce that we now have two styles for our Magic Nipple Covers, adhesive and non-adhesive.

These Magic Nipple Covers are an essential in every wardrobe. Seamless, lightweight, with a skin-like finish, these Magic Nipple covers are sure to blend effortlessly into your skin, staying undetectable under your top.

Magic Nipple Covers (non-adhesive) adhere using our advanced suction technology, they are able to adhere to your skin, without any adhesive.

Want extra security? We also offer our Magic Nipple Covers (adhesive) with a thin layer of adhesive. These Magic Nipple Covers are washable and reusable, so they can be used over and over again.

Our products are not intended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


  • Diameter: 3.15inches (8cm)
  • Reusable
  • Seamless

Magic Nipple Covers (Non-adhesive)

Before usage of the Magic Nipple Covers (no adhesive), wash the nipple covers and fling off any excess water. Apply to nipples while damp and hold for a few seconds. Smooth out any trapped air bubbles under the Magic Nipple covers (non-adhesive).

The Magic Nipple Covers (non-adhesive) must be washed before every use to remove skin residue and debris. If Magic Nipple covers are not properly cleaned before usage, they will not adhere securely.

Magic Nipple Covers (Adhesive)

To clean, Gently use the pad of your fingertips to wash the adhesive while avoiding contact with your fingernails to prevent damaging the adhesive. Rinse the Magic Nipple Covers (adhesive) with warm water to remove any residue. Carefully shake off excess water and allow the inserts to air dry in an area free of dust particles.


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Featured in:

Real Girls, Real Results

"Wearing the Magic Nipple Covers!!(no glue, uses heat to stick!, seamless!, amazing coverage, washable & reusable!)"


"WHAT NIPPLES, WHERE?! Been loving my new Magic Nipple Covers from @boombaofficial"


"They are non-adhesive but it still stick on my skin securely. Great option to avoid skin irritation that sometimes happened when we use the typical one with the glue.”


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14 Sep 2021
Australia Australia
perfect color

They blend into my skin tone perfectly!! HOW? It actually makes me look like I have no nipples lol

08 Sep 2021
Canada Canada

Good quality, shipping took 9 days.

24 Aug 2021
Canada Canada
No more pokies

They are super soft and velvety feeling. Great product! I got them for my swimsuit because I was having the pokies and they fixed it right up.

17 Aug 2021
United States United States
They're really seamless!

I am so excited not only are they reusable without losing stickiness but oh my god I finally have covers that are seamless under thin clothing. I have used the most expensive covers to the cheapest covers and you can always see the line around them through thing material. These don't do that!!!! Holy grail approved as I haven't worn a bra in years. Thank you so much for inventing these I could cry.

08 Aug 2021
Perfect for my skin

I have skin sensitivities so I pretty much cannot wear any nipple covers. This works wonders for me because there is no adhesive on it. A lot of times, I forget I am even wearing them. So worth the price. Highly recommend.