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Disposable VS. Reusable Nipple Covers: Pros and Cons

Why Wear BOOMBA Nipple Covers?

BOOMBA disposable & reusable nipple covers

Considering a new pair of nipple covers but not sure which one to get?

The two most popular kinds of nipple covers are the reusable silicone ones, and the single-use fabric ones. Each has their pros and cons, keep reading to see which one is more suitable for you.

Reusable Nipple Covers


Silicone nipple covers are the best choice for reusable nipple covers. It is crafted from a much more durable material, allowing it to be washed and reused over and over again. If you are looking to cut down on waste, these nipple covers are the ones for you.

Not all silicone nipple covers are made the same. There are many older versions on the market which are thicker and create the illusion of a puffy nipple. Look for one that's ultra thin and seamless so that they are undetectable under your tops, like these invisible Nipple Covers.

BOOMBA washable & reusable nipple covers

Reusable nipple covers are more cost-effective compared to disposable ones. At first glance, reusable silicone nipple covers have a higher price tag than the single-use version. However, since you’ll be able to reuse them over and over again, the cost per wear is actually lower in the long run. (3).png__PID:71c2b364-3aa1-4bcc-a1fb-de18fb58b147


Reusable nipple covers require regular cleaning to maintain hygiene and effectiveness. It can add another responsibility for those who are looking for something fuss-free. Forgetting to clean them may compromise both comfort and functionality.

Throughout time, the stickiness will eventually weaken over uses, so they will still need to be replaced eventually.

Disposable Nipple Covers


BOOMBA’s disposable nipple covers are very convenient. They’re perfect for one-time use, so you can just chuck them out at the end of the night! If you have a busy lifestyle, then this is perfect for you. Single-use nipple covers also guarantee that each pair you use is going to be clean and extra sticky.


The most obvious drawback when it comes to disposable nipple covers is its environmental impact. Contributing to single-use waste, these covers are not the most sustainable choice.

Not only are they not the best for the environment, they may also not be the best for your wallet. They seem like the cheaper option between the two, but if you tend to wear them often, then it’s going to cost you more in the long run.

Which One Are You Getting?

Still unsure which kind of BOOMBA nipple cover to get? Just send us a quick DM! We have 24/7 customer service, just message us on Instagram or Facebook and we would be happy to help find the most suitable BOOMBA product for you!

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