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  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra
  • Magic Padded Sticky Bra Magic Padded Sticky Bra

Magic Padded Sticky Bra




BOOMBA’s Magic Padded Sticky Bra is uniquely designed to add cup sizes discreetly.
The natural padding in BOOMBA’s sticky bra eliminates the look of bulkiness that other padded sticky bras usually have. Ours is designed to curve with your breasts, creating a natural fuller look.

  • Unique padded design; adding up to two cup sizes
  • Front clasp closure for a more defined cleavage
  • Lightweight and breathable 
  • Perfect for backless and strapless clothes 
  • Delivers all-day comfort while giving you an extra oomph factor
  • Reusable and washable up to 20 times

Our products are not recommended for individuals who have sensitive or thin skin.


Magic Padded Sticky Bra:

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance, we'd love to hear from you!


How to use BOOMBA Bra:


Stand in front of a mirror. With the two sides of the bra connected, stick the left side of the bra onto your breast at a 45º angle.


Scoop your right breast up and towards the middle. Next, stick on the right side of the bra at a 45º angle.


Re-adjust if needed. Unstick other side, scoop breast to desired position, and re-stick until you're satisfied with the results!

How to Remove
To remove your sticky bra, unclasp and gently peel off one cup at a time, starting from the top outer edge.
Reapply protective films onto the sticky bra and store back into the BOOMBA gift box, away from direct sunlight.

How to Clean
This sticky bra needs to be cleaned gently by hand. Do not machine wash or put in the dryer. Use warm water and mild soap. Gently use the pad of your fingertips to wash the adhesive, avoiding contact with fingernails. Carefully shake the sticky bra to remove excess water and lay to air-dry in a dust-free area. Once your sticky bra is dry, reapply the protective films and store back into the BOOMBA gift box, away from direct sunlight.


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Rest of Europe 10-15
Rest of the world 10-25

What Makes Magic Padded Sticky Bra Different From Traditional Sticky Bras?

Magic Padded Sticky Bra

Other Sticky Bras

Compatible With

This padded sticky bra allows you to wear any backless, strapless, cut-out outfits with enough coverage, elevated cleavage, and extra confidence.

Magic Padded Sticky Bra Results

Why Choose BOOMBA?

BOOMBA Sticky Bras are created by women for women. That’s why our products fit better and feel better, because we have also experienced the same struggles you have right now. 

We create our products using the best materials and really put care and thought behind the design to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit. When you wear BOOMBA’s products, you will definitely feel and see the difference a good bra makes.

Our products may not be the cheapest, but you can bet that our products will outlast the competitors. Many sticky bra alternatives are priced lower, but you also only get a few uses out of them. Ours are created using the highest quality materials so that they will actually last, creating less waste in the long run. All our products are also manufactured in a safe and clean working environment that pays fair wages to their employees. We are proud to support fair trade and want to thank you for also doing the same. 

Together we can make a difference. Thank you for supporting fair trade.

Which BOOMBA Bra Is Best For You? 

See It In Action! 

Hollywood’s #1 Best Kept Secret

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13 Jan 2023
Japan Japan

amazing bra, but need more sizes

I have almost nothing so a lot if girly clothes, I just look like a boy wearing it which really used to make me self conscious so I have tried almost every padded bra on the market from expensive to cheap amazon ones. The one from Boomba is really nice because not only is the adhesive not leaving yucky residue on your skin, it also doesn't hurt to remove but very sticky so I can get a lot of uses out of them. Now onto the design. It is indeed very different from the other ones I have tried which have bumps underneath for that push up. But often if you have any sort of breasts, it tends to lift on the bottom and the shape doesn't look great. I was intrigued to try this sticky bra from Boomba because it's advertised as being different in design, which is true. The padding is gradual so that it doesn't look fake and can stick better to my skin. It definitely creates really nice shape from the front and side as long as it's worn well. It is worn a little different than the typical one because of the design but once you get the hang of it, it really does look so natural. I would give this bra a 9/10. The only thing I think it can improve on is expanding its sizes more because in 2023, 4 sizes is not enough. I was telling my best friend about this bra and when she wanted to purchase one too, they did not have her size. If more sizes and colors were made, this would be my favorite bra company forever!

17 May 2022
Canada Canada

Review from an avid sticky bra wearer (I know my stuff!)

I hate wearing bras, so sticky bras for me is a must. I am an avid sticky bra wearer so I do consider myself quite the sticky bra expert lol. I have tried other padded bras in the past and its usually the silicone ones, which have this weird bump on the bottom, which only just weighs down your boobs, making it look saggy, kinda like that photo they have. So I could totally relate when I saw that photo. I was super intrigued when I saw them post about it on IG, I have only used their inserts in the past and really love my Demis, so I decided to give this a try and I have to say I am not disappointed. Boomba's bra does not have a bump in the cups, its more like slopped and gradual padding. it does look natural but only if you wear it properly. I did struggle at first and did reach out to them and they sent me more detailed instructions along with a video tutorial which is weird because why is it not on the site anywhere? it is supposed to be worn less across your chest and more on the sides of your chest to bring the breasts together. I think their concept is similar to their inserts, where it fills in the hollows of your breast when you push them together. It does take some practice especially if you are not used to wearing sticky bras, and I think you probably need to practice because everyones boobs are different. But once you get it right, gurlllll the results are nice! It's literally what I want a padded sticky bra to be, gives me amazing shape under clothing and still looks super natural (because who wants ppl to know they are wearing padded bras right?). Overall I would recommend this bra but its not easy for beginners, so be warned! But with practice, the results are super worth it! I will never buy another padded sticky bra because honestly, nothing compares to this one. I have never seen a design like this before and I am here for it!

17 May 2022
Augustina A.
Canada Canada

Really liked it

Looked really flattering on my breasts. It did add more curves as I usually look flat with normal sticky bras. It wasn't like a HUGE difference like what I get with the ultra boost inserts, but definitely a noticeable difference, I think the bigger your boobs are the bigger the difference. I am a 34B for reference.

17 May 2022
Nina S.
Canada Canada

takes practice

Everything I was looking for! It took a couple tries to get it on the right way but once it was on, it looked AMAZING!

17 May 2022
Canada Canada

comfy for all day wear

Love the deeper buckle design! It stayed hidden in my sundress and was comfortable to wear. The packaging was also super cute.

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