Magic Silicone Shoulder Pads

BOOMBA's Magic Silicone Shoulder Pads instantly create the illusion of better posture, reducing the appearance of sloping shoulders. Magically peel away visual pounds by lifting focus away from a fuller bust-line, protruding tummy, wide hips or heavy upper arms.

These shoulder pads adhere and contour to the shape of your shoulders, blending in seamlessly for a smooth look under clothing. Our silicone shoulder pads are reusable and comfortable for all day wear.

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15 Jul 2021
Canada Canada
A must for pictures

I have tried cloth ones and I have to say I prefer the silicone ones more as the shape is better. I have really sloped shoulders so these are a must for special occasions or else my posture looks horrid in photos especially. A tip for newbies, I wear these on top of my bra strap to keep my bra strap in place and the shoulder pad in place and it works really well!

20 Jun 2021
United States United States
Love these shoulder pads!

Shape was beautiful under clothing. Was worried they would be like the shoulder pads my mom wore back in her days but these were very discrete and it defined the shoulder area beautifully.

23 May 2021
United States United States

My little sister has really sloped shoulders and she has recently become really self conscious about them and I can tell it has really affected her confidence. I bought these shoulder pads for her, not really sure if it would do anything. She has had them about a week now and I can tell she really likes them because she wears them quite often now. I can see she has gained some confidence back as she is now starting to dress up and asks me to take her shopping for new clothes. It didn't give her super model shoulders but the slight improvement does make clothes look better on her and I can tell its a HUGE difference to her. I know we are in the culture of "loving and accepting yourself", but it is not that easy for everyone. My sister really struggled with her appearance for a long time because she was teased about her shoulders before so I am glad that this product was able to bring that sparkle back in her eye. I am not one to usually write reviews but reading through other peoples reviews on this site, I saw that their products really made a difference in their customers lives and I think its really cool that they are creating products that solve insecurities that normally would have needed surgery. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Boomba for giving my sister her confidence back!

20 May 2021
United States United States
Use them to keep your straps in place!

Besides the obvious usage, I found another way to make use of these shoulder pads! My bra straps always fall down and its so annoying. I actually started placing my bra strap under the shoulder pads and it has kept the strap in place under the shoulder pad. I have worn these over 5 times now and they are still very sticky!

20 May 2021
United States United States
Pleased with the results

Exactly as described. They arrived in a little over a week they were exactly what I was looking for. They increased my shoulder height just enough to make a difference but nothing crazy that made it obvious I was wearing shoulder pads. They look great under my clothing and I am very pleased with the results.