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How to Use BOOMBA Inserts to Achieve Natural-Looking Cleavage

The do’s and don’ts of BOOMBA inserts

BOOMBA inserts are a great accessory to have in your collection, as they can help you achieve a more natural-looking cleavage without the need for a bra or invasive or expensive cosmetic procedures.

In this blog, we'll explore some tips and tricks for using BOOMBA inserts to achieve that perfect, natural-looking cleavage.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Size

When it comes to using BOOMBA inserts, size is key. You want to choose the size that fits your natural breast size and shape to avoid any unnatural looking bulges or bumps. You also want to make sure the inserts are the right size for your clothing, to ensure they fit comfortably, securely and can stay easily hidden. Please refer to the size chart here, or reach out to us via email or social media and we would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect size for you. Check the size chart here.

Tip #2: Positioning is Key

To achieve natural-looking cleavage, positioning of the bra inserts is crucial. Each insert style should be worn differently. The padded inserts should sit where the padding of a push-up bra would normally sit. This helps to increase size while looking the most natural.

Tip #3: Don't Overdo It

While it can be tempting to use a larger size with more padding to achieve a more dramatic effect, overdoing it can make the cleavage look unnatural, bulky and unflattering. Start with your correct size and work your way up if you want a more dramatic look.

Tip #4: Adjust as Needed

Don't be afraid to adjust the position of the bra inserts to fit your own needs. Our positioning serves as a guide, but each body is different, so feel free to play around and see what feels and looks the best to you.

In conclusion, BOOMBA inserts are a great alternative for achieving natural-looking cleavage. By choosing the right size, positioning the inserts correctly, not overdoing it, and adjusting as needed, you can create the perfect look and feel confident and comfortable in your outfits. Try BOOMBA inserts today to see and feel the difference our inserts can make to your outfits.

Not sure which insert is the most suitable for your outfit? Feel free to read this blog to know the perfect insert to pair with your favorite look.

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