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Maid Of Honor Duties: The Complete Guide

So you’re the maid of honor?! Congratulations, lucky girl!

Being chosen as the maid of honor is a privilege and a responsibility. It is a testament to the deep bond and trust between friends. The maid of honor should be a lot of things: part worker bee, part emotional lifeboat, part stylist, and even a part ball of energy.

But what exactly does being the MOH mean?

Keep reading to find out the important duties and tasks the maid of honor should know about.

Be The Bride’s Support and Backup

Bride and maid of honor holding bouquets

Assist the bride with various wedding planning tasks. This can include researching vendors, attending appointments, helping with décor choices, and offering opinions on important decisions. You can also assist in organizing and managing the bridal shower and bachelorette party, ensuring they reflect the bride's preferences and interests.

Coordinate with the Bridesmaids

Bride-to-be and friend during wedding dress fitting

As the maid of honor, you are responsible for coordinating the bridesmaids. This involves keeping them informed about important dates, dress fittings, rehearsals, and any pre-wedding events. You will serve as a point of contact for the bridesmaids, answering their questions and ensuring they are well-prepared for the wedding day.

Be The Bride’s Style Guru

Maid of honor duties, fixing bride's wardrobe

Being the maid of honor also means you’re the bride’s style guru.

You will most likely need to assist her in wedding dress shopping, bridesmaid attire, and overall wedding theme.

Don’t forget the accessories! Make sure to complete the look with the perfect undergarments like shapewear and BOOMBA Inserts.

Provide Emotional Support

Maid of honor duties, emotional support for bride

It is no surprise that the maid of honor is a pillar of emotional support for the bride. Wedding planning can be overwhelming, and your role is to provide a listening ear, offer guidance, and be a source of comfort throughout the process. From helping with decision-making to providing reassurance during moments of stress, you should be there for the bride every step of the way.

Plan The Bridal Shower & Bachelorette Party

Outdoor picnic bridal shower and bachelorette party

This is the maid of honor’s real moment to shine. Get ready to take charge when planning important events. Plan a bridal shower/bachelorette party that the bride will actually love and enjoy. Show her how well you know her by throwing her a party that includes inside jokes, favorite memories, and anything sentimental to make it extra special and memorable.

Keep The Bride Looking Glamorous

Maid of honor duties, helping out bride

It is important to help them feel comfortable throughout the wedding day. You can assist the bride with bathroom breaks, which can be challenging in a wedding dress.

Additionally, it is helpful to take on makeup duty, being prepared to fix any smudges that may occur and ensuring the bride's wedding foundation remains flawless.

Lend A Helping Hand To The Bride

Movie clip, bride going in the bridal car

Make sure to assist the bride and help them stay stress-free. Give them water and make sure that her guests are comfortable. If any mini-problems occur during the reception, see if you can fix them yourselves so that the bride and groom can focus on enjoying the reception, not that the cake is almost toppled over.

The Bottomline

As the maid of honor, you play an essential role in making the bride's wedding experience unforgettable and stress-free. From pre-wedding planning to the ceremony, your support and dedication will mean the world to the bride. Embrace this special opportunity to stand by your friend's side to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

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