What to Wear with BOOMBA Inserts

With BOOMBA inserts, it’s important to choose the appropriate top with your inserts. We always recommend structured tops that are made in a thicker material for best results (support in the chest area, not a loose t-shirt that hangs off the body, since the inserts are held up by the structure in your clothing).

Most bikinis, dresses and tops also work well as long as they are not too thin so that the color or shape of the insert shows through. A good guideline is that if the outline or color of your bra will show through in this top, BOOMBA inserts most likely will as well.

For some users, it does take a few tries to get it in the right position (just like getting your sticky bra to stop being lopsided), so we recommend checking out our quick tutorials for a better idea of how to use the inserts. We recommend putting the inserts on in front of a mirror to ensure it is even on both sides. You can adjust the level of cleavage according to your own preference. Just remember to scoop and stick, to ensure your cleavage stays put throughout the day!

Examples for Demi Boost Inserts:

BOOMBA Inserts Clothing ExampleBOOMBA Inserts Clothing ExampleBOOMBA Inserts Clothing ExampleBOOMBA Inserts Clothing Example
Examples for Ultra Boost Inserts:
BOOMBA Inserts Clothing ExampleBOOMBA Inserts Clothing Example

Picking an Outfit
✔️ Tight and structured bust area in the clothing
✔️ Thick materials in the bust area for a seamless silhouette
✔️ Sweetheart necklines and clothing with a support band under the bust
✔️ Sports bras and regular bras (turn them into push up bras with BOOMBA!)
❌ Very stretchy tops that cannot hold the inserts in place
❌ Loose and flowy clothing that cannot support any inserts
❌ Baggy t-shirt, knitted tops, most straight-across necklines

If you’re unsure if an outfit is suitable for use with BOOMBA inserts, email or DM a picture and we can help!

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